Who We Are

Allelodyne Laboratories is moving forward in the growing field of pharmacogenomics testing, toxicology screening, and clinical panels.  Allelodyne looks to make a significant impact in patient costs and overall healthcare expenditures by better understanding the influence of genetics on drug responses along with adverse drug reactions.

At Allelodyne, we have also come to understand that the “one size fits all” model in approaching disease is costly, inaccurate, and often ineffective.  Technology, in conjunction with advances in genetic analysis, is able to address these issues and provide better tools for physicians to make an impact in patient care.

Allelodyne Laboratories along with their unmatched customer service allows healthcare providers to manage patients Pro-actively rather than Re-actively.

Allelodyne looks to usher in a dramatic change in healthcare by utilizing genetic analysis to:

  • Identify high risk disease groups early in treatment
  • Customize the most optimal treatment plan
  • Assist healthcare providers in prescribing the most effective medications
  • Reduce failure rate of treatments
  • Save lives and reduce healthcare expenditures

As a state-of-the-art reference laboratory, Allelodyne is dedicated to providing indisputable data to the physician, enabling the provider to more effectively and timely treat their paients.

Allelodyne Laboratories wants to expand YOUR knowledge on using Allelodyne as YOUR lab.  Understanding Allelodyne’s testing panels,  the benefits of having patients tested, and facts to help you understand the importance of getting YOUR patients to use YOUR lab for all of your testing needs.

Make Allelodyne the lab for YOUR patients and take pride in a lab that offers YOU personalized testing and results along with unmatched customer service.